A Development by Charles Goldsmith

Toronto is changing. Expanding. Growing. It’s home to an evolving group of people, to new and exciting startups, and complex infrastructure projects.

Neighbourhoods are rejuvenating like never before. The Eglington Crosstown is opening the City in whole new ways and breathing new life into communities through its new connections. And with better access, comes better amenities, better life-work balances, and better networks.

That’s why we’ve developed The Laird-Wicksteed Exchange in the heart of Leaside. Taking inspiration from Leaside’s historic past, we’ve created an office building designed for the future. With every modern amenity and environmentally sustainable materials, The Exchange nevertheless resembles open-space industrial buildings that inspire improved creativity and collaboration.

This is the office space you’ve been waiting for, in the heart of your community. Discover how your business can thrive at The Laird-Wicksteed Exchange.


To the Laird Wicksteed Exchange!


The Laird-Wicksteed Exchange was designed to complement the existing site. Inspired by classic flat-iron design and the industrial history of the area, the building blends seamlessly into the neighbourhood with a blend of new and old architectural features. Plenty of outdoor space allows for easy collaboration and ample bike parking. Car commuters can access the underground lot using a car elevator.

Historical architecture, contemporary design

Using historical features like mass timber and exposed beams, gives The Laird-Wicksteed Exchange a classic industrial feel. Contemporary features like underfloor HVAC and cabling design, as well as sustainable and efficient electrical grids, modern industrial design, state-of-the-art soundproofing, and a ground-level cafe represent the best in 21st century architecture and amenities.

modern workspaces

Each workspace is completely customizable to your preferred work style. Even the electric system is modular, allowing you to change layouts as required for your growing team.

get outside

The building is surrounded by fantastic outdoor space, but the 6th floor is home to an exclusive patio. With great views of the city and plenty of seating, it’s a fantastic space for your team to collaborate, meet, and get inspired.